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Mehanata Menu

Appetizers & Salads

Fries and Feta - 7.99
French fries topped with shredded Bulgarian feta cheese

Bulgarian Shopska Salad - 9.99
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper topped with shredded Bulgarian feta cheese

Garden Salad - 9.99
Mesclun greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado, aged balsamic vinegar

"Snow White" - 9.99
Strained yogurt, cucumbers, dill and a touch of garlic

Mediterranean Dip 11.99
Humus, snowhite, sweet pepper spread, smoked salmon pate

Kashkaval Pane - 11.99
Fried kashkaval cheese served over greens

Cheese Platter - 12.99
Combination of cheeses, fruits, and jam


Chicken Shish Kabob - 12.99
Three sticks of seasoned chicken breast, served with fries

Smoked Sausage - 8.99
Balkan style sausage, served with fries

Mixed Grill - 14.99
Bulgarian sausage, shish kebob,gypsy burger & smoked sausage

Gypsy Burger - 12.99
Three seasoned burgers garnished with fries & salad

Kebapche - 12.99
Three Bulgarian skinless sausages garnished with salad & fries


BB (Bulgarian Banitsa) - 4.00
A delicious Bulgarian cheese pie prepared by layering filo and pieces of feta cheese, then baking

Hookah 18.00
All hookah are "house blend"

We accept Visa & Mastercard. No AMEX or personal checks.

Dinner served until 1AM.
We look forward to serving you.